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Press Release

Eurobond Market Overwhelmingly Endorses Ghana as the Country Successfully Nears Completion of the IMF Programme

Ghana successfully raised US$3 billion in Eurobonds yesterday. The country’s strong  macroeconomic  performance  over  the  past  two  years  and  bright  future  prospects  were  confirmed  by  the  Capital  Markets  with  an  unprecedented  order-book  in  excess  of  US$21  billion; an oversubscription of more than seven (7) times the largest ever in Africa to-date.

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The Accra SDGs Impact Investment Fair

The Sustainable Development Goals and targets cannot thrive on public finance alone as their only source of funding. Strategic collaboration between public and private actors in leveraging financing is needed to achieve the ambitious targets. SDG investments are a new generation of impact and social investment strategies designed to attract private investments towards the SDGs while ensuring financial returns for investors.

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